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  • 2020-5-21
    Biophilia intruder can test human body health,also can improve body health

    nls-semiotica of IPA included nidal and interstitial hyperchromogenic changes, revealed most frequently at the early stages of the disease (1st 4th day since the moment of clinical manifestations). On

  • 2020-5-18
    Biophilia Intruder-semiotics of lung abscess

    Pathomorphological basis and common nls-symptom in patients with lung abscess was the presence of intrapulmonary cavity, the main diagnostic criteria of which were related to changing of chromogeneity

  • 2020-4-24
    nls-semiotics of pulmonary gangrene

    nls-semiotics of pulmonary gangrene differed by significant diversification of a picture due to spreading of purulent-destructive process to the whole lung with involvement of pleura and, as a result,

  • 2020-4-17
    Possibilities of nls-study methods in examination of certain skin diseases

    Wide spread of skin diseases dictates a necessity in early and maximum accurate diagnostics, because severe forms of skin diseases decrease greatly quality of life of a patient and his family, promote

  • 2020-3-18
    Bioplasm machine-research is a promising method of sports trauma diagnostics

    Well timed diagnostics and correct evaluation of damaged tissues condition at athletic injury is a basis of adequate therapy. Nonlinear diagnostics (nls) in revealing of athletic injuries is the new,

  • 2020-2-26
    Bioplasm nls-Meta therapy function

    Altogether 55 patients suffering from IPA were investigated. In 54 patients IPA was developing against the background of significantly decreased immunity (neutropaenia 0.1 x 1 mld/l). The main categor

  • 2019-12-6
    Bioplasm 9D nls research Case Of Urinary Bladder Tumors

    The most statistically reliable method of Bioplasm 9D nls research in case of urinary bladder tumors is an ultramicroscopic research with the usу of spectral-entropy analysis. Such method provides the

  • 2019-12-3
    Bioplasm nls is a good device

    New medical technologies have been developing very quickly in the last decades. A significant success was achieved in treatment of oncological and oncohematological diseases. Development of transplant

  • 2019-11-16
    ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes of nls

    Bioresonance, Quantum Health, : The Apprentice Masters Classes of nls LEVEL 1-2-3-4-5 All video's in one buy Watch many times KNOW IT ALL ! ISHA RAW-UNCUT Learn what other experts took 10 years and kn

  • 2019-11-5
    Detection effect of bioplasm nls on dermatosis

    Detection effect of bioplasm nls on dermatosis Wide spread of skin diseases dictates a necessity in early and maximum accurate diagnostics, because severe forms of skin diseases decrease greatly quali

  • 2019-10-30
    Most popular equipment-Bioplasm 9D nls Health analyzer

    Basing on the results of non-linear diagnostic examination of thorax of 267 patients suffering from purulent-destructive diseases of lungs and pleura we studied Bioplasm 9D nls Health analyzer -semiot

  • 2019-8-13
    Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer-picture dependence on clinical symptoms

    To fulfill mycological examination of a phlegm and liquid from bronchi, phlegm was gathered into a sterile container after cleaning of mouth cavity (tooth brushing, gargling with soda liquor), liquid

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