The first brand manufacturer of 9D Bioplasm NLS Analyzer.
  • 2019-8-8
    keep more body health-bioplasm 9d nls analyzer

    New medical technologies have been developing very quickly in the last decades. A significant success was achieved in treatment of oncological and oncohematological diseases. Development of transplant

  • 2019-4-13
    Bioplasm nls-picture dependence on clinical symptoms and laboratory research data

    Total IgE and specific IgE to A.fumigatus was found using methods of radioimmunosorbent test in a nuclear medicine laboratory and enzyme multiplied immunoassay in a laboratory of allergens and allergy

  • 2019-4-9
    Facts about the latest original Bioplasm-nls software

    Main Analysis Functions: 1. Anatomy biofield energies 1 - 6 displayed. 2. Red blue display of hyper hypo biofield charges. 3. Etalon coefficients of biofield pathomorphologies. 4. Entropy (

  • 2019-4-5
    What can Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer device test

    What Can Bioplasm 9d nlsanalyzer Device Test: Complex Analysis of all organs and systems of the human body The cardiovascular system Gastro-intestinal tract Genital-urinary system Mu

  • 2019-4-3
    Why we need Bioplasm 9D nls

    The Bioplasm 9D nls belongs to a class of devices that can be used to assess your risk of diseases at the pre-clincal stage. It has also therapeutic value in treatment of these pre-clinical problems,

  • 2019-3-28
    PE 3D computer bioplasm nls-diagnostics

    In 10 patients we found out air achromogenic (1-2 points at the Fleindlers scale) cavities of irregular shape with walls of unchanged hypochromogenic pulmonary tissue without visible walls. Air caviti

  • 2019-3-25
    The main advantage of Bioplasm nls software

    1. The main advantage of Bioplasm nls software -research at pre-surgery examination of patients with RC was reliable diagnostics of a primary tumor spreading into structural elements of cavitary syste

  • 2019-3-20
    Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer-ultramicroscanning

    At the same time we should emphasize the following factor. The first two categories of RC regional invasion criteria and symptoms of tumor invasion into neighboring organs are characterized by the cle

  • 2019-3-18
    The main objective of three-dimensional bioplasm nls-graphy of patients

    Difficulties of modern diagnosing and adequate surgical treatment of renal cancer (RC) are conditioned mainly by absence of certain specific clinical manifestations of RC, continuous asymptomatic cour

  • 2019-2-23
    Who needs the newest bioplasm nls software

    At the second variant (7 patients) in the picture prevailed total thickening (accompanied by increasing of chromogeneity) of a lobe or the whole lung with presence of multiple roundish achromogenic ar

  • 2019-2-22
    The main diagnostic criterion of pleural empyema-Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer

    In the group of patients suffering from pleural empyema there were 54 patients with purulent exudate in a pleural cavity. In 43 patients we registered limited exudate of oval shape with paracostal loc

  • 2019-2-21
    Bioplasm 9d nls is very interesting

    In the group of patients suffering from abscessed pneumonia a pathomorphological basis of a picture was presence of interalveolar exudation and inflammatory infiltration. Fibrinous exudate in alveoli

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