The first brand manufacturer of 9D Bioplasm NLS Analyzer.
  • 2019-2-20
    On bioplasm nls-graphy early stage

    Macroscopic basis of an early stage was a large cavity of destruction with insufficient spontaneous drainage, indistinctly separated from surrounding lung tissue and filled with purulent exudate with

  • 2019-1-18
    17d nls can test human body health

    The main difference between chronic abscess and acute one was a presence of moderately chromogenic wall which was more distinctly visualized at the level of air content in the upper part of a cavity a

  • 2019-1-14
    Comparison with acquired bioplasm 9d nls-picture

    An abscess with air cavity was registered after cleaning out of purulent exudate from remained cavity of destruction with formed solid capsule. In the spot where it touches a thoracic wall we detected

  • 2019-1-1
    Bioplasm 9d nls with 4.9GHz high-frequency sensors

    We have examined 267 patients suffering from purulent-destructive diseases of lungs and pleura, who were treated in University College London Hospital, in 2009 2011. In accordance with a nosology all

  • 2018-12-29
    Bioplasm nls software-semiotica of IPA

    Bioplasm nls software -semiotica of IPA included nidal and interstitial hyperchromogenic changes, revealed most frequently at the early stages of the disease (1st 4th day since the moment of clinical

  • 2018-12-27
    bioplasm 9d nls analyzer-study

    The earliest signs of IPA were nidal and interstitial hyperchromogenic changes of tissues, revealed by bioplasm 9d nls analyzer -study in 75% and 67% of cases correspondingly. Roentgenography turned o

  • 2018-12-12
    Computed non-linear study-Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer

    Diagnostic investigation of patients included roentgenography and computed non-linear study ( Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer ) of a thorax. The goal of Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer-graphy of a thorax was to rev

  • 2018-12-3
    Tendinous synovitis intensity-Bioplasm nls

    Until today the only approach to evaluation of tendinitis/tendinous synovitis intensity is still not defined. According to our data tendinitis at Bioplasm nls -ultramicroscanning is shown as hyperchro

  • 2018-11-27
    Bioplasm nls software ultramicroscanning with spectral entropic analysis

    Specification of pathomorphological changes, typical for RA, was carried out with application of Bioplasm nls software -ultramicroscanning with spectral-entropic analysis (SEA) by comparison of spectr

  • 2018-11-24
    Simple requirements for installation of Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer system

    Thanks to comparatively affordable price of such equipment and simple requirements for installation of Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer-system, it finds more extensive application in comparison with CT and MR

  • 2018-11-21
    Bioplasm 9d nls in early diagnostics of RA

    At the present moment there are no scientific works describing application of Bioplasm 9d nls in early diagnostics of RA. Until now the method is still not verified and consequently should be investig

  • 2018-11-16
    We diagnosed a pneumothorax through by Bioplasm nls software

    The third period of time (8th 20th day) was marked by even less amount of changes revealed according to both methods. During the third period of time we registered IPA pathognomonic symptom air cresce

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