The first brand manufacturer of 9D Bioplasm NLS Analyzer.
  • 2022-7-15

    The Advantages of the New System Metatron 4025 Hunter : Metatron 4025 Hunter is multidimensional virtual scanning which evaluates the level of health in different organs and systems in a multi-level

  • 2022-7-14
    Metatron Hunter 4025 nls 25D has 3 main functions

    Metatron Hunter 4025 nls 25D Metaptahia GR Hunter - bioresonance device has 3 main functions: - Diagnosis of health with 95% accuracy - Scans the compatibility of foods and remedies if they are useful

  • 2022-6-20
    BIOPLASM nls to make sure we are in the best physical and emotional condition

    Treatment of pathological processes identified by bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy). Stress Bioresonance therapy with biofeedback device BIOPLASM -nls is a set of communication between the frequenc

  • 2022-6-17
    Bio-resonance or nls-diagnostics

    HOW DOES IT WORK? All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain. We use special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it. Furthermore, we u

  • 2022-6-7
    How does the Hunter Metatron nls Work

    What is Hunter Metatron Non-linear Scanning? The Metatron nls is a non-invasive and safe and cost effective piece of scientific health research equipment. Metatron is able to trace any condition in th

  • 2022-5-23
    How nls Device works

    The 9D-nls Bioplasm a kind of Pathomorphology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Phamacology, Organ preparation, Nutraceuticals and analysis system of clinical medical database. How nls Device w

  • 2022-5-10
    How the 25D nls works

    How the 25D nls works Our nls work through the membrane found in the eardrum and the use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific tissue organs of the human body. The resonance of the ele

  • 2022-4-27
    nls Diagnostic with Bioplasm nls Machine

    nls Health Screening Pioneering Revolutionary Diagnostic System The Holistic Healing Medical Centre was the first to introduce the revolutionary Non-Linear Health Screening (nls) . This exclusive Heal

  • 2022-3-19

    CUALES SON LAS FUNCIONES MS ELEMENTALES DEL 4025 HUNTER Por su interfaz de usuario tan intuitiva es capaz de revelar enfermedades oncolgicas a tiempo. Es el nls de mayor velocidad con sus nuevos algo

  • 2021-11-15
    Bioplasm nls resonance analysis scanning detector

    1. Body detection function It can detect 12 major systems throughout the body, 256 viscera, glands, cells..., predictive reports on 4352 diseases, and 120,000 collection points throughout the body to

  • 2021-10-29
    Bioplasm nls recognizes and processes

    Bioplasm nls recognizes and processes: Skeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, etc.) Lymphatic system, lymph node individuals Vascular system (coronary arteries, arteries, veins, capillaries). Nervou

  • 2021-10-9
    Bioplasm nls can predict the body vitality trends of healthy cells and organs in the next 3-5 years

    What is BIOPLASM Health Analyzer? The Bioplasm nls body health scanner is being consumed for 35 years, and millions of data are accumulated in a huge professional. The bed bank is based on the basis o

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