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BIOPLASM NLS to make sure we are in the best physical and emotional condition

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Treatment of pathological processes identified by bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy). Stress Bioresonance therapy with biofeedback device BIOPLASM -NLS is a set of communication between the frequency of an individual and the body, reflecting and receiving these signals by the bioresonance equipment BIOPLASM -NLS./allergens that potentially can affect the physical body. Why not use BIOPLASM -NLS to make sure we are in the best physical and emotional condition.

The study provided insight into the presence of inflammation, degeneration, and atrophy in relation to the relevant body systems. Another widely used method of energy analysis involves a method called aura-analysis which is measured using Kirlian photography.

You do not have to buy expensive devices for the study of AURA and chakras today, thanks to BIOPLASM-NLS you have transparent access to recently unavailable information. Clear and colorful view of the aura. You do not need to spend extra money on aura testing equipment. Each human body has its own particular spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations.

The question about health can be examined and, in response to the question, the subject's brain gives an answer which is then picked up by sensors. The results represent the state of the body's body. BIOPLASM -NLS provides responses without the use of radiation.

Communication is simple and effective, the information gathered about the organs provides an accurate 95% analysis, thus enabling the recognition of changes at the cellular level before the manifestation of a serious disease.

Conditions treated with Bio resonance therapy: PARASITES, Heavy metals, ADHD allergies, acute bronchial diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Organic degenerative diseases, Rheumatic diseases, Arthropathy, Gynecological disorders, such as: - Painful menstruation - Hormonal imbalances - Prenatal treatment Complications after vaccines Ingestion and toxic stress migraines Fungal and parasitic disorders All types of pain Nervous Sports injuries Metabolic diseases Pre- and postoperative treatment Secondary viral disorders Urological disorders and many others.

BIOPLASM -NLS can be used by anyone interested in quickly and efficiently examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees.

You do not have to be a doctor to diagnose and treat diseases, Bioresonance, which uses the BIOPLASM-NLS device, provides a quick and 95% effective diagnosis, but not all will tell you which of the thousands of herbal, mineral, homeopathic and many other medicines to give, but also tell you which one is will work best for them.

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