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Bioplasm NLS resonance analysis scanning detector

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1. Body detection function
It can detect 12 major systems throughout the body, 256 viscera, glands, cells..., predictive reports on 4352 diseases, and 120,000 collection points throughout the body to ensure accurate detection. Users can see with their own eyes the current, past, and next 3-5 years of their organs and the vitality trend of tissue cells.
2. Item analysis function
It can analyze whether food, health care products, etc. help or damage human organs, and the extent of help or damage.
3. Repair and treatment function
It has energy repair and frequency repair functions, and has a good auxiliary effect on the primary or unformed stage of the disease.

What are the characteristics of Bioplasm NLS?

Comprehensive testing

It can detect more than 12,000 indicators of the human body at the same time, such as: allergens, the conventional inspection method can only detect more than 60 items, while this device can detect 257 items, trace elements, minerals, and the traditional method can only detect about 10 items. This equipment can simultaneously detect a total of 96 items including all 15 trace elements and minerals necessary for the human body.

Non-invasive detection process

The light waves and sonar of the Bioplasm NLS testing equipment scan the body's organs, which is absolutely non-invasive and harmless to the human body. It is the top green physical examination in the world today.

Fast detection process

Each item is detected in less than 1 minute.

High accuracy

The contrast is as high as 90% or more.

Early detection

When the function of human organs changes, it can predict the development trend of their diseases, which is of great help to the preventive medicine of the human body.

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