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Bioplasm diagnoses the substantial sizes

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2018-08-06

Purulo-necrotic pancreatitis was diagnosed in 12 (5,1 %) of patients. During Bioplasm the substantial sizes increase of pancreatic gland affection zone (more than 80 % from normal values) was registered. Gland parenchyme was hyperchromogenic (6 points according to Fleindler’s scale), its contours indistinct and irregular. The structure was non-uniform caused by large maturated necrosis zones. Suppurative foci had rough, in some places indistinct contours with “visualization” of hypochromogenic contents caused by gas bubbles. Parapancreatitis, omentobursitis and generalized purulent peritonitis were accompanied by infected pancreatonecrosis in all surveys. Parapancreatic abscess was diagnosed in 4 cases in the form of liquid formations with thick walls and heterogenous contents in the form of suspension, partitions, hyperchromogenic structures of irregular shape. Blood flow research in case of purulent pancreatitis has revealed the extensive vessels affection in necrosis zones.

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