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Bioplasm machine solves Acute pancreatitis

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2018-07-31

Acute pancreatitis is one of the basic problems of modern urgent surgery which is proved by steady growth of disease and high lethality rates.

The important factors defining this circumstance are: late or error diagnosis, underestimation of condition severity of patients and, correspondingly, an inadequate choice of necessary conservative and surgical measures. Principles of surgical treatment of pancreatonecrosis patients are based on the differentiated approach to the choice of operative measures depending on development phase of disease, its clinical-morphological form, severity level of patient’s condition and disease terms. Various degree of pancreatic gland necrotic affection spread and different parts of extraperitoneal cellular tissue, and also the fact of their infection define the choices variety of surgical approaches.

One of the most difficult and problem issues is the issue of acute pancreatitis classification.

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