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Bioplasm nls at evaluation of esophagus cancer

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2018-07-13

Bioplasm nls made technically possible application of NLS-graphy in diagnostics of esophagus affections, extending possibilities of the method in identification of a cancer stage. 3D reconstruction contributes greatly into interpretation and quantitative analysis of a situation requiring introduction of a stent at esophagus cancer. J.Lin and D. Goldberg in a preliminary study have demonstrated a possibility of 3D reconstruction of data acquired by application of NLS-ultramicroscanning; at the same time Bioplasm nls-ultramicroscanning turned out to be more precise, than spiral CT at evaluation of esophagus cancer.

Bioplasm nls-graphy of a stomach with SEA allowed us to diagnose malignant ulcer in greater curvature of the stomach and prove involvement of regional lymph nodes.

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