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Quantum analyzer uses light waves and sonar to enter the brain through the eardrum, and uses quantum resonance technology to detect the resonance of hydrogen atoms in specific organs in the body. The resonance of electromagnetic waves is then fed back to the computer. Compared with the large fine database, the detection organs can be found. The current, past, and next 3 to 5 years health status database was established by famous scientists from the former Soviet Union and the United States. In 35 years, tens of billions of national research funds have been spent to collect different genders, different ages, different races, different diseases, and different clinical data.

Compatible with operating computer system
Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win10

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, English, Portuguese

1) There is no harm in the green check of the body. Painless, non-invasive, non-radiation, simple operation, comprehensive detection, understandability, faster detection speed, predictable

2) Not only can you see the health of the internal organs, but it is also easy to know the health trend 3-5 years later.

3) Quickly detect the changes in body tissues of 12 systems, and can compare the scans in the relevant range up to 300 to complete the speed of 100,000 scanning points to ensure the accuracy of detection.

4) Quickly help users understand the role of specific organs in advance.

5) Test the efficacy of daily food or healthy food.

6) Provide professional teaching materials and image training professionals with professional knowledge.

7) Provide basic tracking for the sales efficacy of health products.

8) It can provide consumers with personalized health professional data recovery plan.

9) It can provide consumers with daily healthy diet guidance.

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