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How the 25D NLS works

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How the 25D NLS works
Our NLS work through the membrane found in the eardrum and the use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific tissue organs of the human body. The resonance of the electromagnetic waves and the feedback to the computer are compared with a huge database, which allows evaluating the organ and detecting whether or not it has problems, as well as forecasting its evolution for 3 to 5 years. The database was established by Russian scientists during space research with astronauts, carried out by 35 years of research with samples of people of different sexes, different ages, different races, different diseases and clinical data.

Analysis and testing cup
What the specialist wants to prescribe is placed in this cup and the team is capable of translating it into frequency form and testing and evaluating whether or not that medication will be able to improve the patient before prescribing or ingesting it.

How you perform the analysis
All the information of the state of your body is delivered to the brain and the sensors that the 25D NLS uses are from special shots that have a form of headphones to connect to it to obtain said information. This information that is received is processed by an automated software that is the 25D itself with the ease of obtaining that data, decodes it and manages to create on the screen three-dimensional models very similar to organs, tissues and cells from 90 to 97 % accuracy.

Diagnostic levels
Graphic diagnosis
metabolic diagnosis
Optical distribution index
Etalons according to I.S.E
Nuclei of sensitivity and systemic hyperreactivity
Diagnosis ex juvantibus
trend settings
Entropy analysis system
Multifactorial analysis system
Etalon-object model
Diagnosis by vegetative tea
Presence of antigens
Multidimensional Analysis (Three-Dimensional)
Bioelectromagnetic analysis

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