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Hunter has been continuously updated

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Metapathia Hunter software was orginally developed in 2006 and was the first software program released for the new class of Metatron 4025 systems, which feature the 4.9Ghz TGIII class of frequency generator. These developments combined to increase the average accuracy of a functional health assessment to 79.9%* and research speed was increased an astounding 5 times. Also, Biofeedback Therapy (referred to as "Meta-Therapy") effectiveness was dramatically improved as a patient's stress reduction and sense of greater well-being was obvious. As a result of these developments, word of mouth quickly spread awareness about a new emreigng biofeedback technology from Russia which spurred the ongoing global sales boom.

Hunter has been continuously updated since inception and is considered by us to be the most stable Metatron software available. It is very rate that NPD's current Hunter users experience a minor software error. We estimate 1 pop-up error per 1000 biofeedbac sessions.

The software contains 1432 virtual models of organs, joints, chromosomes, DNA and cels, which allows performance of a comprehensive functional health assessment and biofeedback therapy. Most notably, this was the first system to feature the "Spiral Scanning" function, which automated the process of determining how deep a functional abnormality penetrated, No longer did the operator have to manually research histological cuts, cytological cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes and DNA fragments to determine the extent of the identified problem.

Key features include:

Intuitively obvious user interface with all functions marked by easily remembered visually distinct symbols. Therefore, short training times are required to achieve operational proficiency.

Spectrums of pharmaceutical drugs, nutraceuticas, herbs, minerals and gems are included which assists selection according to individual biocompatibility.

Evaluate functional status of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, amoebas and helminthes.

Identification of homeopathic medications with potency and combinations taken into consideration.

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