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Meta hunter NLS systems

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2021-05-08
NLS-method has united the latest developments of the West with thousand-year experience of the East, but eastern trend is becoming more important now, in other words the main thing now is engaging of person’s own reserves into a fight against internal and external pathogenic influences by training of organism’s protective functions, and not weakening them. Without doubt, wave therapy holds the first place among treatment methods thanks to its universality, efficiency and safety.
Besides, this technology changes approach to a patient himself. In this case, a patient is not inactive participant of treatment system, but most likely an “indicator of health”. Meta hunter  NLS systems – hardware-software systems of the latest generation have high degree of visualization, which allow to describe to a patient all reasons that led to development of chronic conditions or to identify risk factors for these conditions development in the future. Patients need skills of self-treatment in home conditions. Patients must be informed about disease course, possible complications, methods of efficient prevention and elimination of complication and symptoms, and about regular intake of preparations chosen by resonance with NLS-system.


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