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Metatron Technology And Metatron Hunter-NLS 4025

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2021-04-17

Scanning is accomplished by means of magnetic inductors, which are special trigger sensors capable of measuring the state of all cells in the human body, as well as the activity of bacteria, parasites and other infectious agents in it. The Metatron Hunter-NLS 4025 reads the sub-cortical brain – the largest repository of information about the ongoing processes within the organism.

Information received during a diagnostic session is reformed into a digital signal, which is subsequently decoded and analyzed by Metatron Hunter-NLS 4025’s unique medical software. Metatron Hunter-NLS 4025’s software database contains a total of over 10,000 spectral etalons of various preparations, illnesses and specifications.

Clinical studies, over many years, confirmed that the Metatron technology is the most informative, safe, and portable device for express overall body diagnostics in today’s medical field, and since 2008, Metatron has held EU certification as a class 2A medical device.

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