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Affection of the whole gland was registered in 27 % of patients, the head was affected only in 35,6 % of patients, in 9,3 % only body and in 11 % only tail of pancreatic gland was affected. In rest of 17,1 % of patients the combined affection of head and body or tail and body was marked. Gland head was affected for 18,4–61,2 %, body for 6,8–41,4 % and tail for 14,5–31,5 % in relation to norm that characterized the basic localization of inflammatory process. In 71 % of patients with edematic form of disease the increase of glands chromogenety (5-6 points according to Fleyndler scale) is registered. Formation of hypochromogenic areas on the background of increased chromogenecy of pancreatic gland tissues was detected during case monitoring in 24 (17,1 %) patients, 9 patients out of this number had necrotic zones. Contours of gland in majority of patients (81,3 %) were accurate, well defined from surrounding bodies and tissues. Only in 18,7 % of cases there was some illegibility of contours which corresponded to transition to exudative stage and development of peritoneal process. In cases of Bioplasm 9d nls analyzer- angiography the affection of vessels was marked.

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