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Bioplasm NLS recognizes and processes

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2021-10-29

Bioplasm NLS recognizes and processes:
Skeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, etc.)

Lymphatic system, lymph node individuals
Vascular system (coronary arteries, arteries, veins, capillaries).
Nervous system (brain, spinal cord, hypothalamus, pituitary gland)
Urogenital system (adrenal gland, bladder, ovary, uterus, prostate)
Respiratory system (lungs, trachea, bronchi, etc.)
Digestive system (stomach, intestine, esophagus, liver, etc.))
Endocrine system (thyroid gland, adrenal gland, etc.)
Bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites.
Blood components, hormones, enzymes.
Allergens and environmental toxins.
Food, barbs, household items, medicines, etc.

First introduced in the "Bioplasm NLS" software.
Anatomy, histology, and cytology are unique to Homo sapiens (including ultramicroscopic structures).
-The spectrum of minerals and gems. Depending on the individual's biocompatibility, you can choose to carry gemstones permanently or perform stone therapy on organisms with mineral emission spectra.

-Not only human tissues can be evaluated, but also the superstructure of microorganisms, viruses, worms and rickettsia, toxoplasma and traces affected by various antibacterial agents of bacterial cells can be evaluated.
-"Irido diagnosis" and "auricolo diagnosis" modes.

-Choose homeopathic medicines to consider their efficacy.

-Introduced the "smart filter" function, which can automatically select the spectrum process and drugs conveniently and quickly, while considering the process topology.
-The database of medical products, dietary supplements and homeopathy has been significantly expanded.

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