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Features of bioenergy light wave resonance scanning instrument

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2021-10-13

Features of bioenergy light wave resonance scanning instrument

Non-invasive, no need to undress, no fasting, fast and convenient.
High accuracy in early diagnosis of changes in organ function.
The ten major systems of the whole body are covered.
The medicine or nutritious food can be compared through the machine, and the medicine can be taken after confirming that the medicine is effective.
It can detect the part of the body infected by bacteria, viruses or parasites and their active status.
It can be used to compare the tissues and organs before and after treatment to determine the therapeutic effect.

The working principle of biological energy light wave resonance
Th.van Hoven used the principle of quantum chaos to explain quantum mechanics for the first time in 1980, and then was carried forward by S.L. Nesterov. According to the research of S.L. Nesterov, the meridians on the surface of the body are no different from those in the body, and they can reach the surface of every organ. At the same time, American scientist B.Kim discovered that the end of acupuncture at acupoints can touch the nucleus. The development of the German Oberon's nonlinear analysis system technology originated from the needs of Soviet defense technology; by analyzing the changes in the magnetic field and information (waves) of organs, tissues and cells, we can understand the state of the body! Biology has a coordinated system of information. Oriental medicine regards meridians and acupoints (acupuncture) as a method to control biological systems from the energy point of view.

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