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Bioplasm nls-graphy detected inflammatory changes

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2018-07-26

As it seen from the Table 1, data of Bioplasm nls and other methods of research completely coincide at colitis, but at affection of twisted intestine only, it was possible to locate inflammatory process by Bioplasm nls-research in 29 of 31 (93.5%) cases. In 2 cases Bioplasm nls-graphy detected inflammatory changes not only in small intestine, but in large intestine also. The retrospective analysis of these cases has shown that they are caused by insufficient experience of an expert who worked at the initial stage of work. At affection of large and twisted intestine location of inflammatory process was established correctly in 38 of 40 (95.0%) cases. During analysis of false-negative results it was established that in one case failure has occurred because of shortening of the right parts of large intestine and a high arrangement of head of blind colon (changes in twisted intestine about 3 cm long were considered to be changes in large intestine). In other case Bioplasm nls-research was carried out on next day after colonoscopy that has complicated evaluation of intestinal wall structure. It means that Bioplasm nls-research must be carried out in 2–3 days after carrying out of other instrumental methods of diagnostics. Thus, we have proven high informativity of diagnostics of inflammatory process location.

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