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optimization of Bioplasm-signs calculation

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2018-07-27

During aggravation stage we noted affection of a vascular wall, which in 64.7% of cases was severe. Changes of intestinal wall structure were revealed in 82.4% of patients, that corresponded to endoscopic stage of ulcers and ulcers-cracks. However it should be noted that during aphthoid and scarrings stages (17.6% of patients), no pathologically changed vessels were observed in the presence of affected wall.

For definition of correlation degree between Bioplasm-signs (a condition of an intestinal wall, vascularisation) and stages of endoscopic changes at Crohn’s disease we used rank correlation method of Spearman. For optimization of Bioplasm-signs calculation depending on expressiveness of the process they were assigned with a certain amount of points. Undamaged intestinal wall was marked with 1-2 points.

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