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bioplasm machine-graphy data and results of endoscopic researches

Author:Bioplasm  UpdateTime:2018-07-28

The following data was obtained by comparison of bioplasm machine-graphy data and results of endoscopic researches.

 At endoscopic remission the structure of an intestinal wall was not changed in 93.3% of cases, affection of vessels was not detected (in 73.3% of patients) or was minor (in 26.7% of patients).

In 1 patient with remission of inflammatory process and pseudopolyposis we revealed ulcerous defects in the form of single hyperchromogenic inclusions in submucous layer, at the same time vessels affections were not expressed. It means that bioplasm machine-signs should be used only altogether for definition of an inflammatory process stage. bioplasm machine-research of this patient was carried out on next day after colonoscopy, and gas between pseudo-polyps in segmented intestine was taken for achromogenic cavities in a mucous layer. This case also says that bioplasm machine-research should be applied before colonoscopy or in 2–3 days after it.

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