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Neurofibroma (fibroneuroma) is a benign tumor of a peripheral nerve developing from Schwann cells and fibroblasts, more often located on a surface, in depth or under a layer of hypoderm. Single neurofibromas are extremely rare as independent nosological unit. More frequently presence of neurofibromas is a sign of a hereditary disease – neurofibromatous.

In 1822 Scottish surgeon Wishart J.H. for the first time has described neurofibromatous of 2nd type (NF2). In 1882 von Recklinghausen F.D. has studied and described neurofibromatous of 1st type (NF1). Despite distinctions in the description of diseases, Cushing H.W. in 1916 in the scientific work has united them under a single name “Recklinghausen disease”. Only after many years, after molecular genetic testing, results of which have been published in 1985 and 1987, basic differences in pathogenesis of NF1 and NF2 have been revealed. It has been proved that these are absolutely different diseases demanding different diagnostic and medical tactics.

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