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Neurosurgeons and traumatologists-orthopedists at diagnosing base mainly on clinical manifestations of a pathology, anamnestic data and results of patient check-up, however it is not enough for revealing mass-occupying soft-tissue neoplasms of peripheral nerves. For specification of a tumor location during planning of operative treatment, additional instrumental methods of research is required. Application of electroneuromyography in diagnostics of this pathology often does not give accurate results, as often patients do not suffer from nervous trunks conductivity abnormality, or, if tumors are located next to the main nervous trunks, only insignificant or moderate abnormality of conductivity comes to light. Application of ray diagnostics methods at peripheral nerves tumors is often limited by possibilities of research techniques. In case of a nervous trunk or soft tissues tumor roentgenography has no importance for diagnostics and it can be carried out only for elimination of bone pathology.

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