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According to J. Comtet and W. Muller complete ruptures happen in the muscles having isolated function. In quadriceps muscle of thigh it is m. rectus femoris, not having any synergists. This trauma happens more often in hockey players after hockey-stick blow. Rectus muscle of thigh is damaged most frequently in a spot of muscle to tendon transition. Partial ruptures are more often located in biceps muscle of thigh and adductor muscles thigh of a thigh. Integrity of adductors is violated not only in a spot of muscle to tendon transition, but also in an attachment to pubic bone spot. In the medical literature such trauma is called «ARS-complex» (adductor rectus syndrome complex). As the term suggests, along with damage of adductor muscles, a abdominal rectus muscle is injured in a spot of its attachment to symphysis.

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